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The Conscript
By H. P. Lovecraft

I am a peaceful working man—
     I am not wise or strong—
But I can follow Nature’s plan
     In labour, rest, and song.

One day the men that rule us all
     Decided we must die,
Else pride and freedom surely fall
     In the dim bye and bye.

They told me I must write my name
     Upon a scroll of death;
That some day I should rise to fame
     By giving up my breath.

I do not know what I have done
     That I should thus be bound
To wait for tortures one by one,
     And then an unmark’d mound.

I hate no man, and yet they say
     That I must fight and kill;
That I must suffer day by day
     To please a master’s will.

I used to have a conscience free,
     But now they bid it rest;
They’ve made a number out of me,
     And I must ne’er protest.

They tell of trenches, long and deep,
     Fill’d with the mangled slain;
They talk till I can scarcely sleep,
     So reeling is my brain.

They tell of filth, and blood, and woe;
     Of things beyond belief;
Of things that make me tremble so
     With mingled fright and grief.

I do not know what I shall do—
     Is not the law unjust?
I can’t do what they want me to,
     And yet they say I must!

Each day my doom doth nearer bring;
     Each day the State prepares;
Sometimes I feel a watching thing
     That stares, and stares, and stares.

I never seem to sleep—my head
     Whirls in the queerest way.
Why am I chosen to be dead
     Upon some fateful day?

Yet hark—some fibre is o’erwrought—
     A giddying wine I quaff—
Things seem so odd, I can do naught
     But laugh, and laugh, and laugh!
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