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Ode for July Fourth, 1917
By H. P. Lovecraft

As Columbia’s brave scions, in anger array’d,
     Once defy’d a proud monarch and built a new nation;
’Gainst their brothers of Britain unsheath’d the sharp blade
     That hath ne’er met defeat nor endur’d desecration;
          So must we in this hour
          Show our valour and pow’r,
And dispel the black perils that over us low’r:
     Whilst the sons of Britannia, no longer our foes,
     Will rejoice in our triumphs and strengthen our blows!

See the banners of Liberty float in the breeze
     That plays light o’er the regions our fathers defended;
Hear the voice of the million resound o’er the leas,
     As the deeds of the past are proclaim’d and commended;
          And in splendour on high
          Where our flags proudly fly,
See the folds we tore down flung again to the sky:
     For the Emblem of England, in kinship unfurl’d,
     Shall divide with Old Glory the praise of the world!

Bury’d now are the hatreds of subject and King,
     And the strife that once sunder’d an Empire hath vanish’d.
With the fame of the Saxon the heavens shall ring
     As the vultures of darkness are baffled and banish’d;
          And the broad British sea,
          Of her enemies free,
Shall in tribute bow gladly, Columbia to thee:
     For the friends of the Right, in the field side by side,
     Form a fabric of Freedom no hand can divide!
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