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The Dreams in the Witch House

By H.P. Lovecraft
Illustrated by Pete Von Sholly
Introduction by S.T. Joshi

Dustjacket Text

The Dreams In The Witch House has always been a favorite of mine. I love the witch using math to bridge the dimensions, her furry, fanged familiar, Brown Jenkin with his nuzzling ways, and the visions of hyperspace travel . . . including a stop somewhere in space and time where we finally get to see the Old Ones from the Mountains of Madness as living creatures.
     Is the story flawless? Well, I don’t know why Keziah balks at the sight of the crucifix, but Gilman does use its chain to strangle her! Perhaps she foresaw that; she is a witch after all!
     The depictions of hyperspace and the distortions of our characters when they travel through it tap into a stylistic place which I enjoy tremendously . . . though, alas, I seldom have an excuse to visit!
Pete Von Sholly


  • Introduction by S.T. Joshi
  • Foreword by Stuart Gordon
  • The Dreams in the Witch House by H.P. Lovecraft
  • Through Hyperspace with Brown Jenkin by Fritz Leiber

Bibliographic Information

The Dreams in the Witch House. By H.P. Lovecraft, illustrated by Pete Von Sholly, introduction by S.T. Joshi. Hornsea, England: PS Publishing; 2014; ISBN 978-1-848637-32-0; jacketed hardcover.

Purchasing This Book

This book may be purchased in hardcover from Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble or directly from the publisher, PS Publishing.

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