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Article Issue: Pages
Cover Illustration by Allen Koszowski [illustration]
9: front cover
Letters to Marian F. Bonner by H. P. Lovecraft; edited by David E. Schultz and S. T. Joshi
9: 3–51
Miscellaneous Impressions of H.P.L. by Marian F. Bonner [essay]
9: 52–53
Can You Direct Me to Ely Court?: Some Notes on 66 College Street by Kenneth W. Faig, Jr. [essay]
9: 54–69
66 College Street by David E. Schultz [essay]
9: 70–81
The Thing (Flung Daily) on the Doorstep: Lovecraft in the Antipodean Press, 1803–2007 by Brendan Whyte [essay]
9: 82–98
Briefly Noted [notice]
9: 98
The Search for Joseph Curwen’s Town Home by Donovan K. Loucks [essay]
9: 99–105
Charles Baxter on Lovecraft by S. T. Joshi
9: 106–123
Briefly Noted [notice]
9: 123
Six Degrees of Lovecraft: Henry Miller by Bobby Derie [essay]
9: 124–129
Cassie Symmes: Inadvertent Lovecraftian by David Goudsward [essay]
9: 130–135
Clergymen among Lovecraft’s Paternal Ancestors by Kenneth W. Faig, Jr. [essay]
9: 136–181
Lovecraft and Houellebecq: Two Against the World by Todd Spaulding [essay]
9: 182–212
Briefly Noted [notice]
9: 213
Donald A. Wollheim’s Hoax Review of the Necronomicon by Donovan K. Loucks [essay]
9: 214–220
Reviews [review]
9: 221–231
Review of Collected Fiction: A Variorum Edition by H. P. Lovecraft; edited by S. T. Joshi; reviewed by Steven J. Mariconda
9: 221–226
Review of The Curious Case of H.P. Lovecraft by Paul Roland; reviewed by Darrell Schweitzer
9: 227–231

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