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Article Issue: Pages
Cover Illustration by Allen Koszowski [illustration]
13: front cover
The Lovecraftian Solar System by Fred S. Lubnow [essay]
13: 3–26
“Hungry fer Victuals I Couldn’t Raise nor Buy”: Anthropophagy in Lovecraft by Duncan Norris [essay]
13: 27–52
The Rings of Cthulhu: Lovecraft, Dürer, Saturn, and Melancholy by Andrew Paul Wood [essay]
13: 53–68
“The Cats”: An Environmental Ditty by Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer [essay]
13: 69–74
Lovecraft’s Consolation by Matthew Beach [essay]
13: 75–90
“The Inability of the Human Mind”: Lovecraft, Zunshine, and Theory of Mind by Dylan Henderson [essay]
13: 91–101
Briefly Noted [essay]
13: 101
H. P. Lovecraft’s “Sunset” by H. P. Lovecraft and S. T. Joshi [essay]
13: 102–110
The Pathos in the Mythos by Ann McCarthy [essay]
13: 111–118
Briefly Noted [essay]
13: 118
“Now Will You Be Good?”: Lovecraft, Teetotalism, and Philosophy by Jan B. W. Pedersen [essay]
13: 119–144
Lovecraft’s Open Boat by Michael D. Miller [essay]
13: 145–152
Lovecraft Seeks the Garden of Eratosthenes by Horace A. Smith [essay]
13: 153–174
Diabolists and Decadents: H. P. Lovecraft as Purveyor, Indulger, and Appraiser of Puritan Horror Fiction Psychohistory by Scott Meyer [essay]
13: 175–188
Aquaman and Lovecraft: An Unlikely Mating by Duncan Norris [essay]
13: 189–203
How to Read Lovecraft by Steven J. Mariconda [essay]
13: 204–214
Reviews [review]
13: 215–231
Review of Ave atque Vale: Reminiscences of H. P. Lovecraft edited by S. T. Joshi and David E. Schultz; reviewed by Kenneth W. Faig, Jr.
13: 215–231
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