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Article Issue: Pages
Cover Illustration by Allen Koszowski [illustration]
3: front cover
Lovecraft and the Ray-Gun by T. R. Livesey [essay]
3: 3–9
Briefly Noted [notice]
3: 9
What is “the Unnamable”? H.P. Lovecraft and the Problem of Evil by James Goho [essay]
3: 10–52
Briefly Noted [notice]
3: 53
Some Notes on the Topographical Poetry of H.P. Lovecraft by Phillip A. Ellis [essay]
3: 54–66
The Theme of Distance in the Tales of H.P. Lovecraft by Lorenzo Mastropierro [essay]
3: 67–95
Briefly Noted [notice]
3: 95
Lovecraft’s Avatars: Azathoth, Nyarlathotep, Dagon, and Lovecraftian Utopias by Brandon Reynolds [essay]
3: 96–108
Self, Other, and the Evolution of Lovecraft’s Treatment of Outsideness by Massimo Berruti [essay]
3: 109–146
Briefly Noted [notice]
3: 146
Some Notes on Lovecraft’s “The Transition of Juan Romero” by Leigh Blackmore [essay]
3: 147–168
“The Shadow out of Time” and Time-Defiance by Will Murray [essay]
3: 169–183
Briefly Noted [notice]
3: 183
Poems Not in The Ancient Track by H. P. Lovecraft [poetry]
3: 184–189
Lovecraft and the Polar Myth by John M. Navroth [essay]
3: 190–198
Briefly Noted [notice]
3: 199
Reviews [review]
3: 200
Review of Tour de Lovecraft: The Tales by Kenneth Hite; reviewed by Donald R. Burleson
3: 200–202
Review of The Rise and Fall of the Cthulhu Mythos by S. T. Joshi; reviewed by Leigh Blackmore
3: 203–206

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