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Article Issue: Pages
Cover Art by Robert M. Price [illustration]
113: front cover
Disturbing and Disquieting Editorial Shards by Robert M. Price [editorial]
113: 2, 30
The Voyage of King Hellabolis by Gary Myers [fiction]
113: 3–10
Clark Ashton Smith of Mars by Will Murray [essay]
113: 11–14
The Pelton Mythos by Timothy Burall [essay]
113: 15–21
The Last Horror Out of Arkham by Darrell Schweitzer [fiction]
113: 22–29
First and Final Estimates: August Derleth Looks at Weird Tales by John D. Haefele [essay]
113: 30–38
Riding with CTHULHU by Timothy Burall [essay]
113: 39
“Memory” Re-membered by Donald R. Burleson [essay]
113: 40–41
A Heritage of Hubris: Sources for “The Doom That Came to Sarnath” by William Fulwiler [essay]
113: 42–45
R’lyeh Reviews [review]
113: 45–49
Review of The Doom Legion; The Wild Adventures of The Spider by Will Murray; reviewed by Robert M. Price
113: 45
Review of The Three Births of Daoloth by Ramsey Campbell; reviewed by Robert M. Price
113: 46–47
Review of Such Things May Be – Collected Writings by James Wade; edited by Edward P. Berglund; reviewed by Randall D. Larson
113: 48–49
Mail Call of Cthulhu [letter]
113: 50–
Letter from Gary Myers
113: 50–51
Letter by Brother Darrell
113: 51
The Promised Awakening by Frank Coffman [poetry]
113: 51
“Cosmic Decadent” & Other Poems by Frederick J. Mayer [poetry]
113: 52
Cosmic Decadent by Frederick J. Mayer [poetry]
113: 52
Xeethra Fruit by Frederick J. Mayer [poetry]
113: 52
Fleur de Lamentation by Frederick J. Mayer [poetry]
113: 52
Abominations of Yoni by Frederick J. Mayer [poetry]
113: 53
Atmosphere and the Qualitative Analysis of “The Colour Out of Space” by Steven J. Mariconda [essay]
113: 54–60
Cryptic Interview: Peter Cannon by Darrell Schweitzer; with Peter Cannon
113: 61–65
Aquaman in Innsmouth by Jascon C. Eckhardt [essay]
113: 66, 60

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