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Periodicals devoted either exclusively or primarily to Lovecraft. The H.P. Lovecraft Archive hosts a comprehensive index to all issues of Lovecraft Studies, Crypt of Cthulhu, and Lovecraft Annual. See the pages for each periodical for their indices and issue lists.

Crypt of Cthulhu
Edited by Robert M. Price, this fanzine originally ran from 1981 to 2001, but resumed publication in 2017. It includes everything from scholarship to fiction to humor, and is currently published by Necronomicon Press.
Lovecraft Annual
Replacing the defunct Lovecraft Studies, this yearly journal is edited by S. T. Joshi and published by Hippocampus Press.
Lovecraft Studies
Also edited by S. T. Joshi, this publication “was originally founded in 1979 to offer a forum for serious study of Lovecraft’s work”. All issues but one were published by Necronomicon Press.
The New Lovecraft Collector
Edited by Peter Cannon and published by Necronomicon Press, this “quarterly newsletter [was] devoted to informing subscribers as to new and recent Lovecraft publications..., films, and other...items pertaining to the old gent from Providence.”
Studies in Weird Fiction
Edited by S. T. Joshi and published by Necronomicon Press. Similar to Lovecraft Studies, this periodical discussed weird tale authors other than Lovecraft, yet frequently touched on Lovecraftian themes.


Periodicals with single issues devoted to Lovecraft.

Dark Discoveries
The “H.P. Lovecraft Issue” (Fall 2009; issue 15) featured interviews with Lovecraft scholar S. T. Joshi and author Brian Lumley, an article on The H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, and some Cthulhu Mythos stories.
The September 1991 (issue 106) issue was a “Special H.P. Lovecraft Issue,” and included six separate articles relating to Lovecraftian films.
Fantasy Empire
A special issue was devoted to Lovecraft, and included “An Introduction to the Cthulu [sic] Mythos” and “H.P. Lovecraft: The House of Shadows,” both by J. Vernon Shea, and comic adaptations of both “The Festival” and “The Hound.”
Heavy Metal
The October 1979 (volume III, number 5) issue was a “Special H.P. Lovecraft Issue.” It included a comic adaptation of “The Dunwich Horror,” as well as an adaptation called “The Thing” based on “The Statement of Randolph Carter.”
Rue Morgue
This special Lovecraft issue (October 2005) was also the magazine’s 50th issue and 8th anniversary Halloween issue. It included interviews with Lovecraft scholar S. T. Joshi and film director Stuart Gordon, a chronological list of Lovecraft’s major fiction, a list of Lovecraftian films, and articles on the Lovecraftian fiction of Brian Lumley and the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game.
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