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H. P. Lovecraft:
A Comprehensive Bibliography

By S.T. Joshi


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In 1981, the publication of S.T. Joshi’s H. P. Lovecraft and Lovecraft Criticism: An Annotated Bibliography both documented and contributed to a tremendous burst of scholarly criticism on Lovecraft and his work that has continued unabated to the present day and has resulted in Lovecraft’s canonization as the leading author of supernatural fiction in the twentieth century and a significant figure in American and world literature.
     Joshi’s bibliography superseded all previous attempts at chronicling Lovecraft’s multifarious writings—fiction, poetry, essays, letters, and miscellany—and also began charting the substantial attention that Lovecraft had even then received from critics and scholars around the world.
     This new and exhaustively updated comprehensive bibliography from the University of Tampa Press presents, for the first time, a systematic catalog of Lovecraft’s writings from his first appearance in a newspaper in 1906 down to the end of 2007. All of his book publications—the great majority of them posthumous—are listed, along with their contents; appearances of his work in magazines and anthologies are tallied, and information is supplied on apocryphal works, texts edited by Lovecraft, and other miscellany.
     Lovecraft’s work has now been translated into more than twenty-five languages, and this updated bibliography provides detailed information on translations in books, magazines, newspapers, and anthologies. Most significant of all, however, is Joshi’s comprehensive listing of Lovecraft criticism. So extensive has this criticism become, especially in the past three decades, that Joshi divides it into eight categories, for the aid of students and scholars interested in specific aspects of Lovecraft’s work. The book concludes with three indices—names, titles by Lovecraft, and periodicals.
     Joshi’s 1981 bibliography helped to revolutionize the study of Lovecraft. This new and updated work should perform a similar function for the decades to come.

S.T. Joshi is a widely published critic and editor. He edited the standard corrected edition of H. P. Lovecraft’s collected fiction, revisions, and miscellaneous writings, as well as Lovecraft’s The Ancient Track: Complete Poetical Works and Collected Essays. He has prepared three annotated editions of Lovecraft’s tales for Penguin Classics and is the author of the award-winning biography, H. P. Lovecraft: A Life.


Explanatory Notes
I. Works by Lovecraft in English
  1. Books and Pamphlets
  2. Contributions to Books and Periodicals
    1. Fiction
    2. Nonfiction
    3. Poetry
    4. Revisions and Collaborations
      1. Fiction
      2. Poetry
    5. Letters
      1. Multiple Publications
      2. Individual Publications
  3. Works Edited by Lovecraft
    1. Books
    2. Periodicals
  4. Apocrypha and Miscellany
    1. Apocrypha
    2. Works Lost or Destroyed
      1. Fiction
      2. Essays
      3. Poetry
    3. Award-Winning Stories by H. P. Lovecraft
    4. Miscellany
II. Works by Lovecraft in Translation
  1. Books and Pamphlets
  2. Contributions to Books and Periodicals
    1. Fiction
    2. Nonfiction
    3. Poetry
    4. Revisions and Collaborations
    5. Letters
      1. Multiple Publications
      2. Individual Publications
III. Works About Lovecraft
  1. News Items and Encyclopedias
  2. Bibliographies and Indexes
  3. Books and Pamphlets about Lovecraft
  4. Criticism in Books and Periodicals
    1. General Studies
    2. Biographies and Memoirs
    3. Studies of Individual Stories
    4. Essays, Poetry, Letters
    5. Special Topics
    6. Lovecraft’s Pseudomythology
    7. Influence and Reputation
    8. Lovecraft and Media
  5. Academic Papers
  6. Book Reviews
    1. Books in English
    2. Books in Languages Other than English
  7. Special Periodicals and Miscellany
    1. Periodicals Devoted Exclusively or Largely to Lovecraft
    2. Single Issues of Periodicals Devoted to Lovecraft
    3. Miscellany
  1. Names
  2. Works by Lovecraft
  3. Periodicals
About the Author
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Bibliographic Information

H. P. Lovecraft: A Comprehensive Bibliography. By S.T. Joshi. Tampa, FL: University of Tampa Press; 2009; ISBN 978-1-59732-068-9 (cloth) and 978-1-59732-069-6 (paper); 702 pages.

Purchasing This Book

This book may be purchased in cloth from Amazon.com, in paper from Amazon.com, or directly from the publisher, University of Tampa Press.

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