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H.P. Lovecraft’s Favorite Motion Pictures

As you surmise, I am a devotee of the motion picture, since I can attend shows at any time, whereas my ill health seldom permits me to make definite engagements or purchase real theatre tickets in advance. Some modern films are really worth seeing, though when I first knew moving pictures their only value was to destroy time.

H.P. Lovecraft to Reinhardt Kleiner, 6 December 1915
All Quiet on the Western Front (The Internet Movie Database)

“This address was followed by a showing of All Quiet—which I was glad to see again after four years, & which impressed me even more favourably than in 1930.” (to J. Vernon Shea, 10 February 1935)

The Barretts of Wimpole Street (The Internet Movie Database)

“I saw The Barretts of Wimpole Street & liked it—it certainly did bring up the early, Victorian age with tremendous verisimilitude.” (to J. Vernon Shea, 10 February 1935)

Berkeley Square (The Internet Movie Database)

“But with all its defects this thing gave me an uncanny wallop. When I revisited it I saw it through twice—& I shall probably go again on its next return. It is the most weirdly perfect embodiment of my own moods & pseudo-memories that I have ever seen...” (to J. Vernon Shea, 4 February 1934)

Cavalcade (The Internet Movie Database)

“Since receiving your letter I have witnessed The World Changes—a fine piece of pageantry, though incredibly naive as a drama, & not even rudimentarily comparable to Cavalcade.” (to J. Vernon Shea, 4 February 1934)

David Garrick (The Internet Movie Database)

“This was one of the finest scenic productions I ever saw—the eighteenth century and Dr. Johnson’s day mirrored without flaw or anachronism.” (to Sarah Susan Lovecraft, 24 March 1921)

Don Quixote (The Internet Movie Database)

“The one really first-rate thing I’ve seen since last February is Don Quixote—genuine art from start to finish, without a false note.” (to J. Vernon Shea, 10 February 1935)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (The Internet Movie Database)

“The one other cinema I’ve seen this winter is A Midsummer Night’s Dream—and it was certainly no disappointment. The delivery of the lines was in nearly every case excellent...” (to James F. Morton, March 1937)

Strange Interlude (The Internet Movie Database)

“...excellent...” (to J. Vernon Shea, 28 January 1933)

Winterset (The Internet Movie Database)

“I saw the cinema of the recent drama Winterset, and found it impressively good despite the absurdly slipped-in happy ending.... Actually, the effect was truly powerful.” (to James F. Morton, March 1937)

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