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Guide to Lovecraftian Sites in
Vermont and New Hampshire

Brattleboro, Vermont

Although I don’t yet have any pictures of the Brattleboro Railroad Station (which is now the Museum and Art Center), you can still visit the Chamber of Commerce.
[Photo]     The Dixon House
     The final picture was of the Akeley place itself; a trim white house of two stories and attic, about a century and a quarter old, and with a well-kept lawn and stone-bordered path leading up to a tastefully carved Georgian doorway. (“The Whisperer in Darkness”)
     Lovecraft and Vrest Orton rented this home in June of 1928.

Townshend, Vermont

[Photo]     Townshend Post Office, 05353
     R. F. D. #2, Townshend, Windham Co., Vermont. (“The Whisperer in Darkness”)
     This is the post office where Henry Akeley would have received and sent his mail.

North Salem, New Hampshire

[Photo]     Mystery Hill (“America’s Stonehenge”)
     ... (“The Dunwich Horror”)
     America’s Stonehenge is located in North Salem, New Hampshire.
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