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Necronomicon Web Pages

The Necronomicon is as popular on the web as it is in the real world, if not more so. There are quite a few pages dedicated to this fictional book, although only a few are worth visiting.

The Dan Clore Necronomicon Page
Dan has an enormous number of pages which collect information on the Necronomicon.
How the Necronomicon Works (Jonathan Strickland)
A series of pages on HowStuffWorks.com about the mythical book, its fictional author, the various hoax editions, and its appearance in popular culture.
The Necronomicon Files (Daniel Harms and John Wisdom Gonce III)
Daniel and John have collected their research on the Necronomicon into a book titled The Necronomicon Files. Some of this information, as well as more discovered after publication of this book, can be found on their web site.
The Necronomicon: A Study (Joseph Morales)
A collection of information and quotes about Lovecraft’s fictional book, compiled from both the writings of Lovecraft and other authors.
The Simonomicon (& me) (“Khem Caigan”)
The artist for the “Simon” version of the Necronomicon has written an account of his involvement in the book.
Was H.P. Lovecraft’s Necronomicon for real? (The Straight Dope)
This page provides some solid background on Lovecraft’s life and work before discussing his fictional book and some of its hoax editions.
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