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These pages serve as a glossary to Lovecraft’s fictional creations.

Lovecraftian Sites in New England
Lovecraft painted a dark picture of the beloved New England in which he grew up. These photographs were taken on a Lovecraftian tour of New England. Quotes from Lovecraft’s letters and tales describe each location.
A Lovecraftian Bestiary
A compendium of Lovecraft’s fictional creatures that have, unfortunately, become the focus of too much attention.
The Necronomicon and other Grimoires
Quotes from Lovecraft’s letters and tales regarding the fictional tomes that he frequently mentioned in his works.
The Truth About The Necronomicon
Although Lovecraft invented the Necronomicon, many foolishly think otherwise.
A Who’s Who of Lovecraft’s Fiction
A guide to the characters in Lovecraft’s works.
A Chronology of Lovecraft’s Worlds
A list of dated events from Lovecraft’s stories.
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