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Donovan K. Loucks

[Photo]Donovan is the “Keeper of the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List” for the alt.horror.cthulhu newsgroup. He began a Lovecraft web page early in 1995, which soon became one of the primary sources for Lovecraft information on the Internet. Its inadequacies prompted him to team up with the two below, who were already established figures in Lovecraft scholarship, to create a Lovecraft web page without peer. While S.T. and Dave provide many of the texts for the web page, Donovan’s primary role is as web page architect, integrating those texts (and his own graphics) into the page. [E-mail] [Home Page]

S[unand] T[ryambak] Joshi

[Photo]S.T. Joshi is Senior Managing Editor of the literary criticism division of Chelsea House Publishers. He has edited the standard edition of Lovecraft’s collected fiction, revisions, and miscellaneous writings (Arkham House, 1984-95), a bibliography of Lovecraft, and many editions of Lovecraft’s works. He has also compiled bibliographies of Lord Dunsany, Ramsey Campbell, and William Hope Hodgson, and written a critical study of Dunsany. He is working on a full-scale biography of Lovecraft and a monograph on Ramsey Campbell for Twayne’s English Authors Series. [E-mail] [Home Page]

David E. Schultz

[Photo]David E. Schultz has been active in Lovecraft research since the mid-1970s, as a charter member of the Esoteric Order of Dagon and Necronomicon amateur press associations. He has edited a critical edition of Lovecraft’s Commonplace Book (1987) and is preparing similar editions of Notes on Writing Weird Fiction and Fungi from Yuggoth. With S.T. Joshi he edited and annotated Lovecraft’s The Shadow Over Innsmouth (1994); editions of The Shadow Out of Time and Lovecraft’s New York Stories are in preparation. Since 1990, Schultz has been leading the effort to prepare electronic texts of all Lovecraft’s writings. That undertaking, which includes transcribing Lovecraft’s letters from original manuscripts, has thus far resulted in annotated editions of Lovecraft’s letters to Henry Kuttner (1990), Richard F. Searight (1992), Robert Bloch (1993), Samuel Loveman and Vincent Starrett (1994), and John T. Dunn (1995). Other editions, including several of joint correspondence, are planned. Schultz has written articles and book reviews that have appeared in Lovecraft Studies, Crypt of Cthulhu, Necrofile, and other publications. With S.T. Joshi he edited the landmark anthology of critical essays on Lovecraft, An Epicure in the Terrible (1991). He is also editing Clark Ashton Smith’s Collected Poems and Prose Poems. [E-mail]

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