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Lovecraft has become something of a “pop” figure, through pastiches, films, and games. Nonetheless, we recognize that these may provide many people with their first introduction to Lovecraft, and we hope that their knowledge of Lovecraft is increased through these pages.

Lovecraftian Events
Conventions and film festivals.
The Cthulhu Mythos
Lovecraft’s creations have inspired generations of writers.
Movies and Television
Few Lovecraftian films have been even remotely faithful to Lovecraft’s original works.
As much as Lovecraft hated games, it’s ironic that many Lovecraft games exist.
Lovecraft’s influence has crept into the works of many musical groups.
Lovecraft’s creations have served as the basis for many artists’ works.
Comic adaptations of Lovecraft’s tales have been around since 1950.
At least two plays have been based on Lovecraft’s life.
Radio dramatizations of Lovecraft’s works have been around since 1945.
Other Lovecraft inspired products.
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