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Other Lovecraftian Discussion

Newsgroups aside, mailing lists, web-based discussion boards, and IRC all give opportunities for talking about Lovecraft.

Started by Richard Crawford, this electronic mailing list is dedicated to discussing the writings of Lovecraft and other writers (such as Dunsany, Chambers, and Derleth).
#cthulhu channel on DalNet
Established by Marv Boyes in May of 1996. Regulars meet here on Sunday afternoons at 6 to 9 p.m. EST to discuss Lovecraft and the “mythos.” Steven Kaye has established a homepage for the channel. [NOTE: The link above to the #cthulhu channel uses .chat files, also known as mIRCLinks, to connect to the channel. For more information on mIRCLinks and how to configure your browser to use them, see the Links from WWW to IRC page on the mIRC Homepage.]
H.P. Lovecraft Club
Part of the Clubs section of Yahoo!. A non-threaded message board.
H.P. Lovecraft Discussion Board on The Hall of the Sausage King 2.1: H.P. Lovecraft
A threaded message base that’s been going since November 1997.
The H.P. Lovecraft Discussion Board
Another threaded message base that’s been around since July 1999.
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